The 16th president of the Philippines has not waiting his time to destroy the illegal drugs and criminals in the country. President Duterte warned those 'arrogant' drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison to count their days as illegal drug traders.

President Duterte warns drug lords inside new bilibid prison

President Duterte said,"Magbilang kayo ng araw sa ginagawa ninyo. Do not be the solution of it all. May problema diyan. Hinihiya ninyo ang gobyerno. Sinasampal ninyo kami. Magbilang kayo ng oras, ayaw ko ng araw."

The warning was issued during the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) change of command rites at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.

"Saan ka nakakita dito ng gobyerno na ang trafficking ng drugs is being controlled inside the Bilibid prison? At parang sampal ‘yan nang ilang beses," Duterte said.

He added, "How can it happen na kung mag-inspection ka sa Bilibid, you have to ask permission from the idiot inside. Hay nako... This is my first day. I'm warning them there, they have the TVs there inside."

President Duterte frequently pointed out during his campaign that he would not tolerate drugs.

He said, "These are the things that we have to stop and that is why I said I would be harsh, not cruel but I would be harsh and wala akong tolerance sa droga. Zero. ‘Yan ang laban natin ngayon."

Duterte reiterated when he was mayor for 23 years that some of those in Bilibid were convicted in Davao City was not threaten but still continuing their wrong activities.

Duterte said, "Nawala na talaga ang pasensya ko sa inyo. Iniinsulto ninyo kami. Hinuli ko nga kayo sa Davao kasi nagluluto kayo ng shabu. Hindi ko kayo pinatay dahil magalit ang [Commission on] Human Rights (CHR). Dinala ko kayo diyan sa Muntinlupa after conviction at pagdating diyan, nagluluto na naman ng shabu. Anong klase?"

According to GMA News, before Duterte ends his speech, he reminded the public about staking his honor, life, and the presidency to suppress crime, drugs, and corruption.

Duterte frankly told this to them, "Sinabi ko sa inyong mga kriminal, lahat kayo: If you destroy my country, I will kill you. If you destroy our children, I will kill you. If I am asked by anybody, including the Commission on Human Rights, I do not know you."

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