The tough-talking president of the Philippines stand his words of shaming those 'PNP Generals' who allegedly involve in illegal drugs. President Rodrigo Duterte warned them but they did not listen and now the three officials are now five who've identified.

Duterte names 5 PNP Generals on illegal drugs

During the 'DU31 Thanksgiving Party' last June 4, Duterte announced that there are three PNP officials who are allegedly involve in illegal drugs and he advised them to resign immediately or he will humiliate them on public.

Duterte said during that event, "Corruption must stop. I would have to ask about three generals diyan sa (Camp) Crame to resign. Do not wait for me to name you in public because I will only humiliate you"

Today, Tuesday, July 5, Duterte named 5 police generals allegedly involved in the illegal drug activities during in his speech at the 69th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

Retired director general Marcelo Garbo Jr
Former National Capital Region Police Office Joel Pagdilao
Former Quezon City Police District Office chief Edgardo Tinio
General Bernardo Diaz
General Vic Loot

"As [of] this time, I order them relieved from their assignments and report to the director general [Ronald Dela Rosa]," Duterte said.

"I would like to talk them and certainly, I would expect the [National Police Commission to do their thing; imbestigahan ninyo ito at wag ninyo akong bigyan ng zarzuela," he added.

"Hanapin ninyo ang tao kasi overnight I was really trying to figure out—I do not necessarily humiliate you. It's not my practice," Duterte added.

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