The 'Walk This Way' Filipino tour guide in Intramuros was very angry to the recently incident in Sta. Ana, Manila where three allegedly drug pushers were killed in the allegedly buy-bust operation. Carlos Celdran berates 16 Million Filipino who voted the 16th president of the Philippines.

Celdran: 'fuck all you Duterte morons who voted for that monster'

Citing the viral post of the NGO - Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation, Inc., one of the people who have been killed in the said area was Jefferson Bunuan, a 20-year-old student beneficiary/scholar of the Kaibigan Foundation.

According to them, they were so shocked upon hearing the news that one of their scholar (Jefferson Bunuan), along with other two people, was killed in an allegedly buy-bust operation in Sta. Ana, Manila. They are, Jomar “Totong” Manaois (20), Jefferson Bunuan (20) and his cousin Mark Anthony Bunuan (18).

Due to this incident, Celdran said, "Fuck this shit. Fuck this fucking shit. And fuck all you Duterte morons who voted for that monster and his useless mindless bloodbath."

"This scholar's blood is on your hands."

"Sleep well, assholes, and thanks for killing our country. One innocent at a time. ‪#‎oneinnocentatatime‬," he added.

In the series of Celdran's post, he also posted the video of the mother who is crying for her son who killed on the said police 'buy-bust' operation in Sta. Ana. Here's what Carlos said on that post,

"This is the mother of the scholar killed by Duterte's war on drugs. Listen to her cry. It breaks my heart.

But on the other side, have we heard anything at all from Duterte's followers regarding this tragedy? Have we heard a single word of sympathy from the leftists who are now part of this administration? Has Du30 himself addressed the situation?

Nope, and we will not because Du30 and his minions think killing people like Jefferson is fine. Murdering innocents who get caught in the crossfire are all part of the "cleansing" process.

Their excuses are bullshit. Du30 and his followers think killing people like Jefferson is fine because he's poor.

And you thought WE were elitists. ‪#‎oneinnocentatatime‬ ‪#‎dutertopia‬"

Watch the video of the crying Mother

Video from News5 Everywhere
Naghihinagpis ang pamilya ng magpinsang napatay sa engkwentro sa Sta. Ana, Maynila, noong Lunes ng gabi. Pinabulaan nilang drug pusher ang mga ito. Katunayan, ang napatay na si Jefferson Bunuan ay isang iskolar at nagaaral ng Criminology dahil pangarap nitong maging pulis. Giit naman ng Sta. Ana-PNP, lehitimo ang operasyon at dumaan ito sa validation at surveillance. (via Jen Calimon)

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