The true online defender of the 16th president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, who strike once again the Inquirer article against Duterte. Atty. Bruce Rivera criticizes the said article and gives some of the explanation about the issue.

Atty. Bruce Rivera criticize Inquirer post about Duterte & Peter Lim

Bruce Rivera is a real-life lawyer and former super sireyna of Eat Bulaga who stand his thoughts and freedom to protect the president personal identity and integrity.

In his latest post on Facebook, the attorney said, "First, you do not become "related" just because you are sponsors to the same wedding. The "kumpare" system is a piece of social shit invented by influence peddlers to relate themselves to people in power."

OPEN LETTER by Atty. Bruce Rivera


I woke up to Inquirer living up to its role as the best-selling Yellow publication in the world. And because they have a wide circulation, they can just print anything and make it pass as gospel truth. Even if some of the things they print is so full of slanted facts.

First, you do not become "related" just because you are sponsors to the same wedding. The "kumpare" system is a piece of social shit invented by influence peddlers to relate themselves to people in power. And it only becomes relevant if such person in power actually acknowledges the relationship to bestow benefits. So cut the crap about making it appear they are connected in a filial if not brotherly manner.

Second, just because a picture was taken does not mean they know each other. Do you know how many pictures did the President posed for with another person in the last year? Probably, there will be drug lords or criminals who will have the opportunity to have a picture. Why is that? Well, at least they will have some proof as part of their defense. Selfies do make it appear they are close to the President. For the record, I have never had the opportunity to have a selfie taken with the President (apart from a pic I took with someone in December 2015) when I met him with a client. And do I need the compulsion to have a selfie? Honestly, no. I feel it is quite assumming of me to come up to him and ask for a selfie and haters will get the impression that I am making myself known to him for some motive. Supporters can always support from a distance in the same manner, enemies can also choose to be near.

Third, there is no special treatment if President Duterte gives Peter Lim due process. What are you trying to say? Due process is something available to everyone. To give it to a suspect is not special treatment. By saying it is special treatment, you are conditioning our minds that there is no due process in this administration. And in fairness to Peter Lim, do you how many Peter Lims are there in the Philippines let alone the world. Is it also not possible that this Peter Lim is not the one but some unlucky namesake. I am not defending him by all means. But if you just open your minds if there is any possibility then you would have to hear him out. Hence, the reason why the President may have decided to meet him in the eyes of the world. Yes, it was not hidden. But since you have no direct access to the President and his affairs, you cannot scoop the news and make it an exclusive.

And speaking of due process, Inquirer. Were you not the exact publication that printed out and practically convicted every known controversial accused, most of whom were already acquitted? And even if some of it are true, are your conscience not bothered by those you print you know are brazen lies? And do not deny you do not know them as lies, I have my first hand experience with you guys.

Just saying. Love you still...
Bruce Villafuerte Rivera, plastic mo.

Just recently when Atty. Bruce Rivera slams the journalist of Inquirer after posting the topic about the dispute case on China sea where the Philippines won the PCA ruling against China over territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

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