The 16th President of the Philippines delivered his first State of the Nation Address at Batasang Pambasa on Monday afternoon, July 25, 2016. The 16 million voters guaranteed that they made the right choice. President Rodrigo Duterte knows what to do, according to the popular lawyer on social media, Bruce Rivera.

President Duterte was real, 'I made the right choice' by Atty Bruce Rivera

Atty. Rivera said, "HE KNOWS WHAT TO DO." He was referring to President Rodrigo Duterte. And created this post to share his thoughts on the recently historic event of the country.

"Never have I heard a speech so long he had to edit himself because he knows it is too long. Is that bad? By all mean, NO," he said.

"PRRD showed us in his first SONA that he knows what to do. He knows the problems even in its details. He placed Congress in its place and told them that despite their political prostitution, he does not owe them anything even taking a swipe at Sen. Drilon which was the biggest burn ever. "

"He knows the direction he is taking us and he is clear on his principles and policies. He gave special attention to women, the lumad rights and to the poorest of the poor," he added.

But attorney did not hear anything about the issue on HIV and the LGBT.

The attorney said, "Though he neglected to mention HIV and the LGBT, which I think is forgivable due to the sheer range of issues he had to address, I am mighty proud."

He clearly said that President Rodrigo Duterte was not rhetorical or rehearsed from public speaking as an ordinary politician.

Atty. Rivera explained, "Our President was not rhetorical or rehearsed and was far from the public speaking skills of an ordinary politician. But he was real, engaging and most importantly, in command."

"The message in his SONA is simple: Stop hating the past and ignore the haters of the present because he is in command and he knows how to fix it."

Atty. Bruce Rivera admitted that he was now relief from choosing Duterte as his presidential candidate in 2016 polls.

"And I take a sigh of relief. I made the right choice," he said.

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