He was known as a popular 'Netizen' on social networking site after he had posted his open letter for Senator Grace Poe. He even shared his objective and factual story on Duterte-Trillanes face-off at BPI. Now! sir Willy Ramasola slams CHR chair Jose Luis Martin C. Gascon over his reactions against Duterte's controversial actions.

Willy slams CHR chair Jose Luis Gascon: 'the face of this loser'

Jose Luis Martin C. Gascon is a Filipino lawyer, civil organizer, and human-rights activist. In 2015 he was appointed by President Benigno S. Aquino III as the Chair of the Human Rights Commission of the Philippines (2015-2022), according to Wikipedia.

Sir Willy Ramasola took his Facebook account and posted the comparison of the CHR chair Gascon's reactions into two scenario. On the bottom of his message, he said, "Remember the name Jose Luis Chito Gascon and the face of this loser."

Willy Ramasola Reactions to CHR Chair Gascon

Reaction of the Commission on Human Rights on the Tanim bala scam, Maguindanao massacre, beheadings of Abu Sayaf hostages, Kidapawan killings, Hacienda Luisita massacre, and killings of Quirino grandstand hostages:

"Pa imbestigahan nyo yan sa Department of Justice. Hindi namin trabaho yan."

Reaction of the Commssion on Human Rights to Duterte's cursing against bishops and criminals, to his rape joke, to his joke on their househelper, to the baseless allegations of killings of druglords, smugglers and rapists and various criminals:

"Aba, violation of human rights and of the Magna Carta for Women yan! Dapat kasuhan!"

Remember the name Jose Luis Chito Gascon and the face of this loser.

Willy Ramasola

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What do you think on his reaction for CHR chair Gascon? Please share your thoughts below.

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