The former frontman of local band in the country 'AfterImage' shared his sentiments over his Facebook wall. Wency Cornejo expressed his deep concern to the incoming president Rodrigo Duterte. He even wished Duterte not to run for president post, Why?

Wency Cornejo to Duterte: 'He does not deserve all this hate from people'

Wency leaves questions to the people who condemning Duterte's plans for our country's good. He said, "Whatever did he do for some to portray him like Hitler or Pol Pot?" then he asked, "Why are you so sure that he is bad for our country?"

He even sometimes wished Duterte to not run for higher government position because of the negative and bad comments or a lot of feedback that people keep throwing to the incoming president Rodrigo Duterte.

Cornejo said, "Sometimes I wish Digong never decided to run for president. He does not deserve all this hate coming from people who do not want to give him a chance to do what he says he will try to do to fix the nation."

"There is just so much animosity. They say, he is divisive. What they don't realize is that they are the ones creating the gap. I simply cannot fathom where all this anger and festering hatred is coming from," he added.

As of writing this post, Cornejo's FB post already have 13k likes, sad and heart emoticons and with 5,466 shares.

According to Jonalism, Wency is currently residing in Davao City because of his business, but sometimes he writes songs. The popular songs he made are the "Habang May Buhay," "Magpakailanman," and "Hanggang."

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