While browsing the page of popular social media attorney Bruce Rivera. We saw his reaction post about the 'sarcastic' open letter for incoming president Rodrigo Duterte. Atty. Bruce Rivera feel embarrassed from the said open letter by the UP Law Student to Duterte.

A Sarcastic Open Letter to Duterte: 'Congrats Mayor' by UP Law Student

Atty. Rivera said, "Dahil naiinis ako sa kumakalat na open sarcastic letter ng isang UP law student which I read immediately after I woke up, I will have a live video at 7:30am today. Samahan niyo ako."

Well, the 'sarcastic' open letter by the UP Law student was repost from many blog site and FB accounts. And we will also repost it here so you could read it by yourself and so you can react to it.

According to the source, the alleged name of the UP law student who wrote the letter is Mr. Chad Osorio


"Congrats Mayor!"

We love you po! <3

We should give you a chance and not criticize you, even though you keep contradicting yourself, because you’re infallible and your every decision is perfect. :)

Kahit obvious na na mali, give you a chance pa rin. :) Malay mo may surprise ka pala samin. :)

Either that or sadya lang kayong mapagbiro. HAHAHA. You’re so funny talaga, Mayor!

Nakakalungkot kasi you’re always taken out of context eh. Actually di ko rin alam kung may context ba talaga dapat ang rape jokes, pambabastos sa mga babae or the culture of impunity, but whatever, it’s you so dapat masanay kami.

Also, thanks for appointing some of your friends AND the son of your campaign funders to your Cabinet. :) I’m sure you want to surround yourself with people you trust, even though they’re not qualified. As long as you trust them, we trust them as well. :)

Thanks for trying so hard not to want to offend Bongbong. Surely his political ties mean more to you than your doing your duty.

Thanks also for asking China for permission for our fishermen to fish in the West Philippine Sea. So what if atin yun and you just gave them faux legitimacy to their claim? Nobody in the Philippines understands international law anyway LOL.

And imagine, we can have millions worth of RAILWAYS. In exchange for the trillions of resources the West Philippine Sea offers, totally worth it. :)

Thanks po for promising to end criminality in 3-6 months! And then afterwards saying you can’t. Not sure if you were joking or you weren’t supposed to be taken seriously, but sanay na naman kami sa broken promises eh, so okay lang yun! :)

Thanks din for wanting to bring Federalism to our country. I don’t understand it, but since sabi mo, OKAY lang kasi lawyer ka. Eh ano kung legal experts disagree? Mas magaling ba sila sayo? Diba hindi? Kasi wala nang mas gagaling pa sayo. :)

Kahit Supreme Court bawal nang mag-issue ng TRO pag sinabi mo. Eh ano kung judges sila at mas matagal pinag-aralan ang batas kesa sayo? Basta sabi mo Sir eh hindi dapat mababali. :)

Also, totally agree with you. Drug addicts deserve to die. Basta sabi ng pulis, drug addict, patayin! Pag galit sayo kapitbahay mo at sinumbong ka sa pulis na drug addict ka, patayin! Kung may kaaway kang pulis at pinatay ka niya, tapos ang report eh ‘drug addict’ ka kahit hindi, okay lang! :)Kung mayaman ang kaaway mo at binayaran ang judge na hatulan ka ng ‘death penalty’ eh okay lang! Go summary execution and death penalty, yey! 😀

Basta sabi mo eh, you know what you’re doing. I mean, 16million people voted for you, right? They can’t all be wrong. The 25million who didn’t vote for you, sila ang mali. You’ve been a Mayor for decades, so it’s the same banana, running a country. Right? :)

Thanks for being there, Mayor! You’re so perfect. :) You truly deserve a spot sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. :)

Please watch over our every action and make sure we do good.
Chad Osorio

We tried to find the original Facebook account of Mr. Chad Osorio but we can't find it.

We want to clarify if this letter is real or not. If anyone of you can find the FB account of Mr. Osorio, please let us know.

(UPDATED | June 9, 2016 ) We found the real account of Mr. Chad Osorio and thanks to Mr. Sy who emailed us and gave the link. The original link of this 'Open Letter' is now referred below.

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What do you think on his open letter for incoming president Rodrigo Duterte? Please share your thoughts below.

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