The former professor and chairperson at Ateneo de Manila University and now a full-time professor at University of Portland shares her sentiments using the social media. Prof. Christina Astorga cited the 'contradictory statements' of the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on his BPI accounts last April 27, 2016.

Former AdMU prof to Duterte: 'if proven, he should be impeached'

Former AdMU professor took her Facebook account and posted her short 'open letter' to Duterte entitled, "THE CRIME BUSTER SHOULD BE THE FIRST ONE TO BE INVESTIGATED FOR HIS ALLEGED ILLEGAL OR UNDECLARED WEALTH."

In the first paragraph of her letter, she said, "This is the case of the contradictory statements of Duterte on his BPI accounts. On April 27, 2016, he said that his BPI account is non-existent."

"The very next day, on April 28, 2016, he admitted the existence of the BPI account," Prof. Astorga added.

She quoted what Duterte told in his interview during the time of this hot issue regarding to his BPI bank account. Professor Astorga wants to clarify the following statement.

"But he said that 'nabawasan na ng milliones dahil nagastos niya for 'hapi-hapi.' The very CONTRADICTION of his statements should be enough cause for investigation,'" Professor said.

"The Office of the Ombudsman should conduct a full investigation of these accounts,

"If proven that they constitute illegal wealth, Duterte should be indicted.

"Or if proven that they are undeclared wealth, in violation of the law, which renders a person disqualified for life from government service, he should be impeached," as the UoP full-time professor frankly said.

Prof. Christina Astorga wants to keep this issue alive so that many will know about this. And she also encourage everyone to pressure the Offie of Ombudsman to get their attention on this issues.

"Let us keep this issue alive! Let it not be silenced. Let us put pressure on the Office of Ombudsman to conduct a full investigation," she said.

Former AdMU prof to Duterte: 'If proven, He should be Impeached'

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