The controversial bill of all time could be passed in 3 to 4 months by the House of Representatives. This bill is needed to revive the 'death penalty' in the country as what president-elect Rodrigo Duterte needed to be approved asap.

Rep. Suarez: 'Death penalty' bill could be passed in 3 to 4 months

Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez said in his interview that the bill needed to revive the 'death penalty' could be passed on three to four months. He said, the bill "is doable in three to four months."

Since Duterte’s allies in the Senate and House of Representatives have secured the support of a "super majority," Rep. Suarez expects that around 80 percent of his colleagues will vote for the bill to be passed on congressional deliberations. This capital punishment is the first priority bill of the incoming president Rodrigo Duterte, according to Quezon Representative.

He said, "Ang una ay ‘yung death penalty. He mentioned how serious this problem [on criminality] was already."

The President-elect was convinced that bringing back capital punishment would go a long way in curbing criminality. Duterte wants the death penalty through hanging rather than lethal injection.

Suarez said, "He articulated on the death penalty, saying it will be a strong deterrent if we will be hanging 50 [persons] a month," then added, "Ang sabi pa nga niya kung hindi niya maso-solve ang criminality, mahihirapan siyang magawa ang mga gusto niya sa gobyerno."

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