Eight days from now, the president-elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte will assume office at the Malacañang Palace on June 30, 2016. But before that day, Duterte warns those corrupt government officials to 'stop' now or be ready to suffer consequences in his terms.

Duterte serious on fighting corruption: 'it must stop now'

President-elect Duterte said on his speech in a gathering of businessmen and his future Cabinet at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City.

"Let me be brutal and frank to you all. Corruption must stop now," Duterte said.

He added, "And I would address to all Filipinos who want to do something for your country and never had the opportunity because walang nag-yayaya sa inyo. Ngayon niyo na gawin kasi ako na (ang presidente). Ayaw ko talaga ng corruption. It makes me sick."

The former Davao City Mayor Duterte was known as a honest and truhtful public servant in their municipality. In his nearly three-decade stint in government, Duterte has no record on corruption.

Duterte said, "My standard would be zero tolerance sa graft pati sa criminality. I would never preside over the affairs of this country with a corrupt police and drugs abound destroying the lives of the Filipinos."

According to GMA News, the German-based watchdog Transparency International reported last January that the Philippines placed 95th in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2015, several notches higher than the 134th rank in 2010.

Duterte wants to assure to those top businessmen that he would end corrupt activities in government that sap investor confidence.

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