The man behind this viral 'open letter' for incoming president Rodrigo Duterte was one of his millions of supporters. Willy Ramasola has been tagged as a popular 'Netizen' because of his controversial post against Senator Grace Poe, then he was answered by the son of pure energy 'Gary V.'

An Open Letter to Duterte: 'Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't, Mr. President' By Willy

According to Willy's letter, Ramasola advised president-elect Rodrigo Duterte to not please everyone when he started his duty as President of the Philippines. And just do his thing, implement what he believe is good for our country.

The only request he wanted for our incoming president was, "with no P.I.s and F words on national television please."


Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't, Mr. President.

If you want to raise salaries of laborers and end contractualization, you will be accused of being a socialist leftist. If you change your mind after realizing it's not easy to implement them, you will be branded as a liar giving false promises and actually working for the interests of elite businessmen.

If you're close to America, you will be accused of being a puppet of this world power. If you're close to China, you will be branded as communist.

If you stop and kill druglords, you will receive many complaints of human rights violations. But if you maintain the status quo and let the existing justice system work, people will complain of too much criminality and accuse you of being mahina and incompetent.

We had a president with no girlfriend and was suspected of being mahinhin and bakla. Sumipol ka lang and you're accused of sexual harassment and being bastos and manyak.

If you don't raise taxes, you will be accused of being fiscally irresponsible and incapable of plugging our budget deficit.
If you increase taxes people will see you as being cruel to poor taxpayers.

If you make a catcall, the pretty girls will cry harassment. While the ugly ones will accuse you of discrimination.

Mr. President, please don't aim to please everyone because you never will. Just do your thing and implement what you believe is good for our country (with no P.I.s and F words on national television please). I am 100% behind you.

Willy Ramasola

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What do you think on Willy's Open Letter? Do you agree with him? Please point your thoughts below.

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