Sexy girl group leader Mocha Uson had expressed her sentiments with the so-called 'Freedom' issue in the country. Uson posted her message through their Facebook account and started with the question, Do we really need freedom?

Mocha Uson: 'Do We Really Need FREEDOM? Or do we need DISCIPLINE?'

Mocha Uson attached the Rappler's screengrab photo of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte on her post with a title, 'Duterte: Sorry, no interviews 'until end of my term.'

She said, "Our country had so much freedom for more than 20 yrs now and look what it did to us?"

"Do we really need FREEDOM? Or do we need DISCIPLINE?," Uson added.

It's obviously that Mocha was referring it to all Filipino people who want change. But the thing is, we didn't see the difference between Freedom and Discipline.

Mocha enumerates the current Freedom we already use to in our everyday life.

Freedom to smoke in public places.
Freedom to violate traffic rules.
Freedom to throw litter everywhere.
Freedom to drink and drive.
Freedom to bring illegal guns.
Freedom to bring drugs in clubs.
Freedom of the press to twist stories.

Then she said, "What more Freedom do you need?"

At the end of her message, Mocha asked this question, "HOW ABOUT FREEDOM TO LIVE WITH OUT FEAR FROM CRIMINALS?" then followed, "WHY DON'T WE GIVE DISCIPLINE A CHANCE?"

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What can you say about Mocha's sentiments about Freedom? Please point your thoughts below.

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Image From: facebook/Mochablogger | Rappler
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