Just as incoming President Rodrigo Roa Duterte finally decided to held a burial for former President Ferdinand Marcos in the Libangan ng mga Bayani. Many people specially those who have experience an actual pain from martial law made a very solemn protest in an open crypt where Marcos supposed to be laid permanently.

Open crypt in Heroes Cemetery for Marcos burial filled with 'stone' as Protest

Many Filipino people mark stones with their love ones name who died on that era to silently spill that they are the ones who are more deserving to be buried in that spot, not the dictator himself.

Names on those stones are people, young and old, tortured, kidnapped and even murdered within the Martial Law. That is what our fellow citizens want to show President Duterte.

Like Netizen named Bubut Vasquez said in his Facebook post yesterday, "On each stone laid was written the name of a man/woman/child kidnapped, tortured and murdered during Martial Law. They are the REAL HEROES who deserve to be buried here."

"This is just the start as more stones with more names are laid so that their memories shall not be forgotten. This is a public space and all are welcome to pay their respects and honor the real heroes," he added.

The silent protest and solemn prayer of the people who came at the Libingan ng mga Bayani to cast their stone in the open crypt claimed that the martial law martyrs, who fought for the freedom are the one who truly deserved a proper heroes burial.

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Do you agree with their protest against the burial of Ferdinand Marcos? Please use the comment box below and share your thoughts about the topic.

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