The former Ateneo de Manila University professor and now a chairperson at University of Portland hits incoming president Rodrigo Duterte on his call for people to report a crime or corruption directly to him using the 24-hours hotline.

Former Ateneo professor slams Duterte on his '24hrs corruption hotline'

Prof. Christina Astorga who took her Facebook account and posted her controversial message for the president-elect Duterte. Based on her post, 'THE PRESIDENT ELECT MUST FIRST CLEAR HIMSELF OF HIS OWN CASES OF CORRUPTION!'

Then prof said, "There is something HOLLOW about his call for people to report corruption. It is not only hollow, it is HYPOCRITICAL!"

"He himself has not signed a bank waiver for complete transparency on his alleged wealth. Has he abide by the law regarding his SALN, or does he have undeclared financial possessions and properties?," the AdMU professor pointed out.

And in case that the 16th president of the Philippines fail to follow the rule of law regarding his SALN, Duterte must be disqualified, according to her.

Prof. Astorga said, "If he does, he should be disqualified from any government service for life! He is not legally qualified to be president if he has violated SALN."

"This man is so deeply conflicted, that one cannot trust his word, much less his action," she added.

The former AdMU professor also mentioned that the promise of eliminating crime in 3-6 months could be the reason behind why Rodrigo Duterte got a 16 Million of votes from Filipinos.

She said, "Wasn't this the reason why 16 million were hoodwinked in voting for him because of his promise of a blitzkrieg solution to crime. Shouldn't we press on him to resign as he promised if crime is not eliminated in 3-6 months?"

"I believe that we should. Let us get this man pay the cost of his word!," said on her last statement on Facebook.

Former Ateneo professor slams Duterte on his '24hrs corruption hotline'

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