The 'One Love, One Nation' thanksgiving party for president-elect Rodrigo Duterte will be held tomorrow, Saturday, June 25, in Sugbo grounds at the South Road Properties in Cebu City. Party organizers advised those 'Cebuano' supporters not to bring big bags, drones and placards.

Duterte's Thanksgiving Party 'One Love, One Nation' in Cebu City

This thanksgiving party is free for all organized by #Call4Change Organizing Team, however the "One Love, One Nation" organizers issued an important reminders that the big backpacks are not allowed inside the concert ground due to security concerns since these were large enough to hide sharp objects and even firearms or bombs.

President Security Group (PSG) are the security officers who will in-charge in checking the things of the attendees and they should be expect to be frisked before they go inside.

Placards and banners are not allowed because these would affect the line of sight of the PSG personnel while securing Duterte. And drones are also not allowed from flying over the venue to take photos.

The things that are allowed inside the venue are umbrellas because it might rain, and small bags for your wallet and other things.

They can also buy drinks and foods inside the concert ground because there will be vendors accredited by PSG.

All supporters of the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte can go to the venue as early as 2 p.m. on Saturday, two hours before the start of the thanksgiving party that would be showcased by at least 20 performers.

The 'One Love, One Nation' concert was expected to end at 10 p.m.

The last Duterte's thanksgiving party on June 8, 2016 held in Cebu City was not open for all because it was intended only for closed friends and relatives. Even the media coverage was forbidden in the venue.

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