The incoming president Rodrigo Duterte was very serious with his words specially with the issue of media killings and boycotting media. Duterte really stand his words that there's no more Media interviews until end of his terms.

Duterte: 'No more interviews, Sorry ha, Boycott talaga'

On the uploaded video by TV5 reporter France Noguera this Monday morning, June 6, President-elect Duterte said, "Wala. Sorry, ha? Talagang ano ako, boycott talaga."

Duterte was asked by the reporter, until when the boycott would stand, Duterte frankly said, "Until the end of my term."

On separate earlier interview to Duterte's aide Bong Go, he told to media that in order to minimized the mistakes, its better not to held press conference. He said, "para walang mali."

"Pag interview, maraming mali, marami namang criticism, so better [if there’s] no interview, no criticism, no wrong statement, no nothing," Go added.

According to Go, all the president announcements and press releases would be made through state-owned PTV.

This controversial issue originated on the issue of media killings. Then followed by the criticism from local and international media groups after he was asked about media killings in the Philippines.

Moreover, Duterte, through his assistant Bong Go, he announced that Duterte would “boycott” media if reporters refused to boycott him.

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What do you think on the statements given by incoming president Rodrigo Duterte? Is he really will do that 'boycott' thing? Share your thoughts below.

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