The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) chair Rosauro told 'News to Go' reporter that Duterte's controversial remarks regarding the media killing was needed to be reviewed on what his real intentions or interpretation.

NUJP Chairman to President Duterte: 'burden of clarity is with him'

NUJP chair Ryan Rosaurio said, "Kung re-reviewhin mo kasi, the burden of clarity is with him. Kung ano ‘yung intention niya, ‘yun dapat ‘yung klarong lumalabas sa kaniyang bibig."

"Hindi naman tayo humihingi ng security guard. This is not just about having security people on your side. This is about the general atmosphere of impunity that has taken root in our country. Kapag usapang media killings, dito dapat dalhin ang usapan," he added.

Last day of the month of May, NUJP released their statement about the media killings controversy. The media group posted the 'Nothing justifies the murder of journalists!'

They quoted Duterte's remarks, "Just because you’re a journalist doesn’t mean you’re exempted from assassination if you’re a son of a bitch."

The group said, "Murder is no joke. Neither is press freedom."

But there's an international press group who urges the local press journalists to boycott Duterte's conference.

The news was came to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and he dared members of the media to stop covering him.

Duterte said in a news conference Thursday night, "I do not want publicity, you know that. It would be good if you disappear... Mag-boycott na kayo."

On the other hand, NUJP chair Rosaurio said that they would never renounce its duty as members of the media despite President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's "dare" for them to boycott him if they don't like his statements.

On the signed letter by the press group, it said, "As for your dare to boycott you, we are very sorry but we will not, cannot, indulge you... for while we may have our differences, as we have had with past presidents, it has never occurred to us to abdicate our duty, which is to keep watch on government and help ensure it does right by the governed and to scrutinize and ask the hard questions."

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