The popular known lawyer on Facebook and one of the million supporters of the president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has new 'open letter' for all journalist in the country. Atty. Bruce Rivera was good in delivering his thoughts over his Facebook  account.

An Open Letter to Journalist: 'You are a journalist if many people say so' by Atty. Rivera

Atty. Bruce shares his latest letter to the public using his official FB fan page account with a title of 'YOU EARN THE TITLE OF JOURNALIST'

On his open letter, he frankly said this passage, "We have a few journalists and a lot opportunists who just will print a story for a fee or with the intent to shock and awe to be popular. To most of them, you are a journalist if many people say so."

Well, here is the full-text of his letter to all journalist.

Open Letter by Atty. Bruce Rivera


Everytime I open news webpages of both Kapamilya and Kapuso, I literally grimace in discomfort. Though I heartily agree that the world needs journalists to tell the real state of affairs, I also believe that journalism is a reaponsibility to tell the truth from an unbiased viewpoint or a bystander point of view. Just because you report the news and you do a little bit of leg work does not in any way make you a journalist. A news presenter perhaps or even, a partisan pundit who has an upper hand, that is, the power to broadcast what you say on television.

Just because you write and report about the news does not automatically merit you to be called a "journalist". If Pulitzer was alive today, he would have started a purge to rid his profession of peddlers and rumor-mongerers passing off as journalists just because they have a KBP membership and a Kapamilya or Kapuso ID that magically gave them credibility and integrity like it was a birth right. And sadly that is one thing that is morally wrong in our society. We have a few journalists and a lot opportunists who just will print a story for a fee or with the intent to shock and awe to be popular. To most of them, you are a journalist if many people say so.

Imagine, Anderson Coopers shocked when he went to Tacloban, saw the carnage and misery and saw that our journalists were reporting the roses that grew from the fertilizer made from the rotting corpses of 10,000 plus victims (2,000 plus was resported) and the heroic deeds of a public official who was praised for doing his job, albeit inefficient and petty instead of the awesome resolve and strength of the victims whom Cooper declared as the main highlight of his report. Sadly, our local journalist could not highlight Filipino fortitude because the more newsworthy matter was the Romualdez and Aquino debacle disturbingly raised by Mar in a time of calamity. Even with death and despair, it was still about turf wars similar to the petty battles of the medieval kings of Europe where the kings made lowly peasants to starve to death because the taxes they paid gave them the right to be pompous like divine priority.

Journalism is lost when instead of either giving both sides of the story a chance to be presented, mainstream media will give preference to people who will say what media deem to be presented, that is, those opinions that benefit their own interests or that of their owners, who aside from owning mass media are engaged in government projects and self-interests impartiality becomes more illusory than real.
I am not tooting my own horn but I know I make a lot of sense. My arguments are sound and I know how to write and talk a little. And in the past, I am given exposure and praise when in truth, I have not really been consciously trying to get their attention. When they learned my Duterte support, suddenly I am off-limits. They would rather notice supporters rants, superfluous reasoning coming from a Duterte supporter to give the impression of the lack of intellectual finesse of our kind. And so many intellectual Duterte supporters who have something thought provoking to say are ignored only to gain popularity because the general reading public gave us the pulpit to speak our minds and sharing it to the thinking Filipinos.

Take for example, Mr. Paredes. He is a known Yellowtard of cult proportions and everyone even his own kind knows that he will defend yellow no matter if his balls depended on it. And he gets carried by mainstream media easily. And he has really nothing substantial to say but merely rants and whines. And it is not because he is sikat or bankable. His ship has already sailed the moment Sa Linggo NApo Sila ended. Robin and Cesar have much bigger celebrity status but sadly, their political views were significantly disregarded and neutralized. Aiza Seguerra have too many good things to counter the lunatic rants of Paredes but media highlights the other things that we already know, that is,he has a voice of an angel and he has a pretty wife, Liza.

Worst, those people who have really something good to say about Duterte and the soundness of their arguments are snubbed. People like Manny Pinol, Rafael Alunan, Orion Perez and since I am writing this piece, isasama ko na lang sarili ko kahit alam kong di naman totoo, have to get our message accross the ordinary way: by relying on people to get our message and believe in it to share it to others. While the likes of Paredes, Celdran and others just get the attention of media because they speak of things that media and its owners think is newsworthy because it will put in a good light their partisan bias and prejudice.

I am not a journalist because I will always have an opinion. And if I ever become one, I will make sure my opinions will not muddle my search for the truth. Which is easier said than done. That is the reason why instead of pursuing journalism, I took up law because it is easier than becoming a real journalist in the true sense of the word.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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