The Commission on Elections (Comelec) chair questioned those three presumably IT experts a.k.a 'witnesses' against the alleged fraud activities during the May 9 elections. Chair Andres Bautista on Tuesday raised doubts over the timing of the revelations of alleged whistleblowers.

Comelec to presumably IT Experts (witnesses): 'Why did they come out only now?'

Bautista said in his radio interview, "What immediately entered my mind is that they are like too late the hero e. Why only now?."

"If they really have evidence of fraud, why did they come out only now? It has been three weeks since the elections. They should have come out immediately," he added.

The Council of Philippine Affairs (COPA) president Boy Saycon presented first the alleged 'self proclaimed election rigging operator' named "Ka Bert," then on Monday, May 30, the day of the proclamation of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President-elect Leni Robredo. Saycon brought the three presumably IT experts a.k.a 'witnesses' on alleged vote-rigging operations in Quezon province at the Senate.

But Bautista stood up that vote-rigging, as claimed by the supposed witnesses, could not have happened. He said, "There are many checks and balances, several safeguards [in place in the Automated Election System]. That’s why I cannot believe these kinds of accusations and claims."

Comelec chair Bautista also said that the agency is conducting the random manual audit.

The alleged witnesses introduced by Pastor Saycon claimed that at least 300,000 votes were added to the tally for Robredo and that majority of votes that were padded to Robredo's were shaved from votes for Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.

On the other hand, Chairman Bautista assured that the Comelec will accept all election fraud cases that will be filed by individuals. He said, "We are open to them if they have evidence and proof."

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Do you think that they can prove and show some evidence on alleged fraud activities during 2016 elections? Please point your thoughts below.

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