The sensational social media 'open letter' man during election 2016 shared his experience during his travel across Makati City. Willy Ramasola has funny experience using his Waze app on the road.

Willy got shocked when he tried Duterte voice on Waze app

Willy was surprised when he saw the Waze GPS Navigator app offered a new voice download: Duterte voice.

Rodrigo 'Rody' Duterte is the current presumptive President-elect of the Philippines. Duterte is among the longest-serving mayors in the Philippines and has been Mayor of Davao City.

So back to our topic, Willy said, "Perhaps they wanted to join the euphoria over the new presidency so they came up with this new voice."

"And so I downloaded and tried the Duterte voice when I used Waze to navigate thru Makati traffic."

The funny part of his story was when the Waze app announce the street names during voice navigation and said, "P@t&ng ina, one way yan! Wag mong pasukin yang kalye na yan! P$t@ng Ina, babarilin kita pag pinasok mo yan!"

So what he did was, he immediately switched it back to its previous voice, the Morgan Freeman voice.

He said, "I switched back to the Morgan Freeman voice."

Later he revealed that the funny post on his official Facebook account was only a joke. Willy got his joke to the Twitter account of 'Lourd de Veyra' and he added some 'palabok' to make it look real.

He said on the comment box, "Note: It's just a joke which I adapted from the original joke by Lourd de Veyra."

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What would be your reactions if ever Waze app really do the 'Duterte voice'? Please point out your thoughts in the comment section below.

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