The former lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the popular Filipino band Afterimage addressed his message to all Filipino people specially to the solid supporters of Mayor Duterte. Wency Cornejo was saddened from the aired Anti-Duterte Ad produced and paid by Sen. Antonio Trillanes to ABS-CBN.

Wency Cornejo saddened from anti-Duterte TV Ad aired on ABS-CBN

Wency shared his feelings when he saw the advertisement on the said TV network. He was so unhappy and hurt from the TV commercial that used an innocent child to destroy the image of Mayor Duterte. 'With what has happened, my resolve has strengthened even more,' Wency said on his FB wall.

He added, "Oo, sa umpisa nasaktan ako, nanlumo, nagalit at naluha dahil pakiramdam ko wala akong magawa. Wala akong kalaban-laban."

But eventually, he realized that the 'worst political tv ad' of all time it could be the good timing to refuel the flames of every Duterte's believers.

Cornejo said, "HINDI! Meron pala akong magagawa! Meron pala akong laban dahil si Duterte ang pinili ko! Kaya't lahat kayong nasaktan, nanlumo, nagalit at naluha bumangon tayo mula sa pagkalugmok dahil sa nakakapandiring palatastas at patunayan natin na hindi nila tayo matitinag."

"May laban tayo! Let our collective disgust add fuel to the flames of our cause! Just like everything else they have thrown at us, this will surely backfire on them!"

On the other hand, another popular Filipino band in the country share their reactions from the said issues. Eraserheads was so annoyed from the anti-Duterte ad aired on ABS-CBN yesterday.

They posted, "What the H#LL MTRCB, ABS CBN, GMA, TV5 and Radio Stations, why did you allow these irresponsible Advertisements from Trillanes/LP/RoRo, using children to bring someone down so that your candidate can go up??? This is below the belt! You just made one generation very very angry!"

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