Stargazer predicted Duterte's presidency on the next 6-years, 'There WILL BE CHAOS'

The well-known psychic who hosts a radio show on DZMM sees complete disorder and confusion on the next 6 years in the country. Stargazer predicted the next administration of the Philippines as 'Chaos.' The presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte will be inaugurated on June 30, 2016.

Stargazer predicted Duterte's presidency on the next 6-years, 'There WILL BE CHAOS'

According to Stargazer on Monday, Duterte will be experience 'chaos' on his administration as a result of all the changes he wants.

We all know the possible changes that the incoming president wants to implement. There's the restoration of the death penalty, a strong push for artificial contraceptives and population control, a peace talks with Communist rebels, a tough campaign against criminality, and a shift from a unitary to federal form of government.

Stargazer said, "Meron pang chaos e. Meron talaga, definitely. And 'yun nga, sabihin mo na with the turncoats in society, turncoats in the government, medyo hindi ko masabi na... 'Yung expectations kasi ng tao baka... Siyempre mamimeet 'yung iba, pero mababaw."

"Kasi syempre ang gusto nila is talagang change. But then kasi we have to draw the line, 'yung ano ba 'yung tamang change. 'Yun 'yung gusto kong mapagnilayan nila na tama naman eh. Maraming dapat ayusin, pero gaya sa sinasabi, walang relihiyon, pero 'yung pagiging tao," she added.

As the psychic continued, she said that people should also participate in the process of change, and not only depend on the new President.

"Ako nag-aappeal ngayon naman ako sa tao. Alam ko binoto niyo karamihan nga ng nagkakaraoke na maingay na 'yan, 'Duterte! Duterte!' 'Yan ang sasabihin nila. Pero sana, sana sila 'yung sumunod. Kasi ganito eh. Okay, binoto niyo 'yung isang tao for change. Tapos ito ka, hindi mo gagawin tapos babatikos ka na naman. Tigilan natin. 'Yung sinasabi mo nga maturity, let it start from within. Sa atin," she added.

On the other hand, Stargazer also mentioned the health of the next President. Rodrigo Duterte is the oldest president of the Philippines and he should take care of his health.

She said, "He has to be careful with his health, because we know he will be doing a tough job."

"And it's a fact that he has to be careful with his safety. Kasi hindi na natin alam anong factions ito eh. 'Pag tayo, may sinusuheto, may nagagalit. Normal. So ako, nararamdaman ko na 'yung enerhiya, 'pag inayos niya ito, bato ng pagbabago, lagi naman eh. Meron namang mga grupo na kahit sinong umupo, wala nang tama sa kanila kasi may mga personal interests," as Stargazer further explained.

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What do you think on the prediction of the psychic Stargazer for President Rody Duterte? Do you believe on her? Share your thoughts below.

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