The economist, broadcaster, host (Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie) and writer shared her opinion through an article she wrote on how and why she thinks that Vice Presidential position is already won and no need to contest anything anymore.

Winnie Monsod: 'Why am I so sure Leni has won?' the VP race

Solita Collas-Monsod who popularly known as 'Mareng Winnie' says that she is very much sure that 'LENI has won.'

In the first part of her post, she first mentioned on how the people choose President Elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and that they all spoken and united in one to choose who they're true President is.

But it's not what she really wants to point out, 'cause it's clear that Duterte won the fight. What Monsod want to specify is, why she thinks that the VP race is won by 'Maria Leonor Robredo' and not by 'Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr..'

Monsod claimed that Bongbong Marcos reaction on the time that he was overtaken by Leni Robredo is just him being 'hysterical.'

Winnie explained and said, "Why am I so sure Leni has won? Well, Bongbong Marcos’ hysterical cries of cheating I completely disregard. The basis for his claim is something like: 'We went to bed well ahead of Leni, and by the time we woke up the next morning, she was ahead. Ergo, she must have cheated.'"

"The LP is making sure Leni will win, because they intend to impeach Duterte, and they can be in control once again," Monsod said on Marcos' claim why Leni ahead of her.

However, those claim wont help Marcos in any way, for according to Monsod, "Bongbong’s claims were not helped by his subsequent request to stop the unofficial count and just wait for the formal canvassing. For heaven’s sake, why? I can think of only a couple of reasons, neither of which shows him in a good light: one, so that people cannot see the evolving patterns and so will be more open to accept a different, magicked result; and/or two, he will have more time, and space, to do whatever politicians do to influence election results their way."

Monsod even discussed some of the points why Robredo has all the reason to win the VP race, 1st, Robredo never loss her track on all the surveys, it always goes up. 2nd, Marcos lead in the first few hours of counting is because most of the areas received are from the areas he has a strong connection with, but later on Robredo's strength came forward, that made her ahead by hundreds of counts.

With those points, Winnie Monsod said she is sure that Robredo will win that is 'If she is not cheated. Can she be? Of course.'

Monsod then ended her statement asking all the people to be vigilant for the real tally is not yet announce. You may read her full-text statement on the given reference link below.

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