The tough-talking Davao City Mayor and now presumptive President of the Philippines opened up about his worries and fears. The President-elect Rodrigo Duterte also admitted that he doesn't feel any 'excitement' and 'anticipation' after winning the presidential race.

Rodrigo Duterte opened up about his 'worries and fears' to Pia Ranada

According to Pia Ranada, the Rappler reporter said during her interview with Duterte on a car ride in Davao City. During that moment, she revealed that the incoming president as a 'tough talker', 'smart aleck', and a 'flirt' person was nowhere to be found.

Ranada observed Duterte as a very tired and exhausted man with a lot of things on his mind seating at the front passenger’s seat. Then, Duterte opened up about his 'worries' and 'fears.'

Duterte said, "I am quite, not really scared but, kasi matanda na tapos, I should have been retired."

"I need to rest and I do not invest in emotions in the things beyond your control," he added.

As he continued their chat during the car ride going to the bar. Duterte admitted that he has fear for not be able to end the violence and drugs in the country.

Duterte said, "My fear is that I would not be able to end the violence in this country and, of course, the ever present menace of drugs. Takot ako sa mangyari sa bata, pati galit."

"Would you believe it, I don't feel any excitement, anticipation. I've been winning elections. I will end up my politics in presidency so I thank God I've never lost an election," he said.

But with all of this revelations, Duterte promised to do his best and work hard because he doesn’t want to fail the Filipino people who believes in him. The President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will be attending his oath on June 30, 2016. And surely, the real work for the nation will start that day.

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What do you think on Duterte's worries and fears? Can he fulfill his job as a President? Please point your thoughts below.

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