The President-elect Rody Duterte announced on Tuesday, May 31, that he will give rewards to all police officers who can kill drug lords. Duterte said that he will use his excess campaign funds as a rewards for their good jobs.

Duterte to Police officers: arrest drug lords 'dead or alive' and get a reward

According to Inquirer, Duterte released his statement in a press conference at the presidential guest house in Barangay Panacan, Davao City. Duterte told to the reporters that he would set aside P3 million from the campaign funds for the cops who could bring or kill drug lords.

As he also says that the said amount by his calculation could cover at least 100 bodies.

He said his order to police officers is to capture drug lords “dead or alive.”

Duterte said, "They are lectured upon and they learn a lot, it's a subject sa kanilang turo, when to kill and when not to kill. When is it legal to kill, when is it unlawful to take another man's life. Pagkasinabi kong dead or alive, alam nilang kung tumaas ang kamay, talagang alive 'yan. Pagka lumaban, eh 'di dead 'yan. I don't want to see a dead policeman or agent, whatever,"

"I appointed Gierran, he's the director of the NBI dito sa atin, and I've seen him work for several years already. Sabi ko, ilagay kita diyan, pero sa isang kondisyon, na kung may ahente ka, you have an agent there na nagkakalat, [who's] into drugs, and it comes to a fight, I want you to kill him personally. I want you to do the killing, kasi sa iyo ko ibigay 'yung P3 million," he added.

Meanwhile, there's also a Mayor from Cebu City who vowed to pay a 'bounty' to police officers for killing criminals amid fears that the election of a tough-talking president will usher in an era of vigilante justice.

The reward money is more than three times the basic pay for a police men in the country.

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