The tough-talking presumptive president of the Philippines warned those telecommunications companies to improved their internet services or else they will suffer consequences. President Rody is very serious with his words specially to these TELCOS in the Philippines.

Philippine TELCOS to give faster internet after President Rody's Warning

And because of the warning, two biggest telecommunications company (PLDT and GLOBE) in the country answered the President.

The Globe Telecom and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company released separate statements as an answers to President Rody Duterte, who warned that he will allow foreign companies into the local market if the two incumbent TELCOS do not improve their services.

Globe's Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications, Yoly Crisanto said, "We support the call for faster internet. In fact, Globe is at the forefront of building the much needed infrastructure nationwide to make Internet services easily accessible either through mobile or wireline. This is supported by heavy investments over the years to make sure the Philippines is at par with other countries in terms of technology use."

PLDT spokesman Ramon Isberto said, "We are aligned with government efforts to improve telecom services. PLDT is in fact in the middle of a major 3-year network  investment program that is in process of  significantly improving telecom and Internet services for PLDT and Smart customers and will  support national development initiatives."

Citing the 2015 Ookla Speedtest record showed that consumer download speeds in the Philippines ranked 176th out of 202 countries. The cost per megabit per second in the Philippines is also one of the most expensive with an average value of $18.18, versus the global average of $5.21.

Yoly Crisanto also said that the government should "also plays a role in improving Internet services." Then she added, "This includes promoting IP peering and more importantly address the issues on permitting, right of way and site acquisition so that infrastructure builds can happen faster and at less cost."

But the Globe Telecom vice president said that they 'open' to welcomes the entry of new companies in the country.

Crisanto said, "In terms of competition, Globe has long been a challenger brand having a long history of competing with a larger and more dominant market player. We welcome competition in a level playing field and under an environment that is supportive of business."

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What do you think will be the next move for these TELCOS? Would they do what they said? Share your thoughts below.

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