As what the future commander in chief Rodrigo Duterte promised to solve the crime and drugs in 3-to-6 months. The incoming chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa, warned the drug lords and other authorities who involved in illegal drug trade.

Incoming PNP chief dela Rosa on Drug Lords: 'Kayong mga drug lords diyan, humanda na kayo'

Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa is the next PNP chief on the Philippines under the Duterte's administration. He is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) class '86 and a former director of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO).

President Rody entrusts the PNP with his former Davao City police chief who was sacked for a pro-Duterte Facebook post during election season. Actually, he was one from the 3 names to be choose. The two others are, Chief Superintendent Ramon Apolinario and Sr. Supt. Rene Aspera.

Fortunately, Duterete appointed Ronald dela Rosa who also known as 'Bato', he is a trustworthy and diligent worker, Duterte said.

Dela Rosa has vowed to go tough on drug lords. He said, "Patayan sa drugs. Patayan talaga ito sa drugs. Kayong mga drug lords diyan, Humanda na kayo at talagang sasagasaan ko kayo,"

"Lahat ng pulis na involved sa drugs, lumayas kayo, 'wag na kayong mag-pulis dahil binabayaran kayo ng gobyerno para manghuli ng mga drug personalities, ngayon tumatanggap rin kayo sa mga drug lords. Ano kayo, sinesuwerte?"

He also defended Duterte on his statement of 'shoot-to-kill orders on criminals,' he clarified it by saying it is justifiable if the policeman's life is in danger.

"Ang basis naman dun is 'pag lumaban, at na-endanger ang buhay mo, kailangan patayin mo siya (suspect) dahil self-defense. Ano gusto mo, ikaw mamatay?"

He also mentioned that he will try his best to help carry out President Rody's plan to eliminate crime and illegal drugs.

"Papa-chief PNP ka tapos hindi mo kakayanin? Eh dapat kayanin mo. After three to six months, kung hindi kaya, 'di surrender," Dela Rosa said.

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