With former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte's sure win in this 2016 Election race, his staffs are looking for the most competent people to fill up Duterte's Transition Committee.

Just in: The members of the Duterte Transition Committee are complete

According to his spokesman, Peter Laviña, the Transition committee is now filled. Writing down the names of the people who will back up Duterte on his sit in the Presidency.

He wrote on his Facebook wall, "It's now out. The members of the Duterte Transition Committee are Campaign Manager Leoncio Jun Evasco; Assistant Campaign Manager and Executive Assistant Christopher Bong Go; Carlos G. Dominguez, former cabinet member and Head of our Campaign Finance Committee; lawyers Salvador Medialdea and Loreto Ata, personal layers of the presumptive president, and yours truly at your service."

He mentioned 6 people in this post including his. So to all Duterte supporters, you may want to note this names on your list and watch them help our beloved President do his thing in Malacañang.

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte is eyeing for Nationwide 'Liquor Ban' and Curfew. Peter Laviña said in an interview, “He can do it, of course, by executive order, but the best is through the democratic process of legislating these measures.”

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What can you say about the members of the Duterte Transition Committee? Share your thoughts below.

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