The presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte showed his prospective changes in government legislation specially on the protocol license plates for their respective vehicles. Rody Duterte said that he won't use the plate No.1 and so with his cabinet members.

Duterte: No more official plate No. 1 on presidential vehicle

On press conference at the Royal Mandaya Hotel in Davao City late Thursday night. President Rody Duterte said, "Yung plaka ng presidente, itapon mo 'yan."

According to the Executive Order No. 400, the plate number 1 is assigned as the license plate number of the president.

But Duterte boldly said, "Masyadong corny 'yan, number 1, number 1 na plaka." Then he added, "Tsaka yang cabinet members, no more (official plates)."

As for the Cabinet members, they can use license plate number 6 as their protocol plate number. But the President-elect already told that they will not use it too.

The reason why Duterte decided not to use the official plates for presidential vehicles is because of his grandson. Duterte's grandson wants him to be humble.

Duterte said, "I have a grandson, Ilokano from Paoay, and he would tell you, 'gusto ng lolo ko mag-hambel (humble) na lang tayo." Then he added, "Nagbiruan nga kami, 'Duterte ah, ngayon presidente ka na dapat ham-bel ka."

However, President Rody said that he wouldn't prevent the other officials like congressman and senators up to judiciaries to use their protocol plate number.

He said, "Hayaan mo 'yang congressman at senador. Hayaan mo 'yang judiciary kung gusto nila."

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte also said that he won't use Barong or Amerikana on his inauguration ceremony on June 30.

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What do you think on the decision of the President Rody Duterte to not use the official plate number 1 in any presidential vehicles? Share your thoughts below.

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