The incoming 16th President of the Philippines declared war against transportation woes specially in the popular 'Epifanio de los Santos Avenue' a.k.a 'EDSA' road. Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte announced his first project to ease the traffic in Metro Manila.

Duterte on Commuters problem: 'My crisis begins with EDSA'

Duterte said on his interview on Saturday night, May 28, that his frist major project will be the railway. He said, "My first major project will be a railway."

He even declared war against transportation woes. Duterte told to reporters, "I have to declare a crisis in the war against crime, and dito sa part of the commuter, trains and all. May crisis ako diyan. My crisis begins with EDSA."

According to Rappler, Duterte wants to have new 4 railway systems in the country. To ease the traffic in Metro Manila, Duterte plans to decongest the megacity by spurring development in the provinces. And to improve interconnection of provinces through railways.

He explained, "It’s Manila-Nueva Vizcaya then Manila-Sorsogon, Manila to Batangas, and the whole Mindanao."

Based on the report, the source of fund to build those railway will be from other country. Because Duterte admitted that the government had no money to fund the said project.

Duterte said, "It may involve another country. Frankly, we do not have the money for it."

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