The tough-talking Davao City Mayor and now a presumptive president of the Philippines wants to urge the Congress to restore the capital punishment that was suspended on April 2006 via Republic Act No. 9346. President Rody wants to restore the 'death penalty.'

Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte to restore 'Death Penalty'

Duterte said on Sunday, May 15, on press conference in Davao City, "What I would do is to urge Congress to restore the death penalty by hanging."

He wants the capital punishment to implement to those criminals involved in illegal drugs, gun-for-hire syndicates and those who commit 'heinous crimes' like rapists, robbers or car thieves who kill their victims.

When Duterte was asked why he choose 'hanging' and not the lethal injection, he said that hanging will instill fear among criminals. He also said it’s virtually painless.

Duterte said, "If there is no fear in the law, wala yan." He added, "Yung hanging, once the spine is ripped off inside, wala na. Just like putting off a light."

"I expect you to obey the laws so there will be no chaos. I will hit hard on drugs and I promise them (criminals) hell," as promise of the presumptive president.

Duterte revealed that the reviving of the 'death penalty' is part of his war on crime including also the 2:00am curfew on drinking in public places and a ban on children walking on the streets alone late at night.

Presidential front runner is also asking the authorities to submit their 'Order of Battle,' or list of drug pushers and other criminals who are wanted by law enforcers. He said those on the list will be hunted down.

"I said if you resist arrest tapos you offer a violent resistance, my order to the police or the military is to shoot-to-kill," he said.

"Dito sa mga pulis, whether generals or just patrol men, if you are tainted with drugs or you’re facing charges sa drugs, sinabi ko na sa ... sa mga generals, na bulungan nalang na go quietly,"

Duterte said. "I would be happy if they retire nang may makuha pa sila. Rather than be named publicly for treason."

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