Freedom of Information Bill (FOI), a bill that mandates the disclosure of public documents. A bill that had been hanged in Congress is set to have a closure once Duterte take his sit on the Palace.

President Rodrigo Duterte to impose Freedom of Information Bill via EO

After being asked in an interview on what will he do in his first day, Duterte said, "Unahan ko na (FOI)(I'll forestall). I will issue an executive order. Hindi na kailangan ng batas. (No need for a law.)" 

He even said, “Kung ayaw ng Congress I will start progressively. Para walang satsat, walang yakyak, day one, basta pataas na, huwag na pabalik kasi magulo yan. Let’s cut to the chase. From day one, although this will not be retroactive since ordering so will create a very chaotic situation. FOI, I will impose it on my department, executive department.”

Duterte even said, "will compel members of the executive department, I will impose it immediately, only because it is an EO (Executive Order)."

With Duterte having no doubt on doing an Executive Order just to impliment this bill, does Congress will now resume the passing of the bill in their territory?

Meanwhile, Duterte's spokesman, Peter LaviƱa posted on his Facebook account the names of the Duterte's members of the Transition Committee. And Duterte is endorsing newly-elected Davao del Norte Pantaleon "Bebot" Alvarez as next House speaker.

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Point out your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go President Digong. More to come Philippines. Change is now coming.

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