You will really respect a leader if you'll see his/her followers/supporters do extraordinary things just not to ruin their leaders reputation but to boost it instead. Duterte's final rally in Quirino Grandstand Luneta Park marks the Philippines history.

Spot the difference between the Presidentiables Final Miting De Avance

After every rally, you'll definitely see lots of garbage thrown everywhere around the area of the meeting place. You'll see it not just in rallies but also in many events conducted here in the country or any other places around the globe.

But this particular rallies is different, for all of the attendees get to bring their own garbage bags just to make sure that no garbage will be seen any where they went. And this particular rallies are Duterte's scheduled political rally.

Every after Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte's scheduled rally or meeting, all of his supporters get to clean up the place offering his time, effort, intelligence and his name just to give in on the majorities request for him to be their President.

The uploader of the above photo captioned it with this message, "Aside from his crowd. His supporters are willing to do extraordinary things as an expression of their gratitude for sacrificing his time, his effort, his intelligence, his life and his name. Thank you for loving our county."

On another photo taken on Quezon City Memorial Circle, you can see how they leave the place with full of flyer and poster around the area.

Ira Panganiban said, "Mga idol. Aftermath ng disenteng rally. Syet da Puwet talaga."

Meanwhile, here's the photos from Azul Lambatan, showing how the Duterte's supporters clean the area after the Miting De Avance in Luneta on May 7, 2016

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Image From: facebook/DigongDuterteSupporters  | facebook/irabernardovpanganiban | facebook/azul.lambatan
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