The retired member of CBCP, Archbishop Oscar Cruz disregard the recent attacks by presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte against the Catholic Church and to the bishops. He said that Duterte's accusations are all old stories.

CBCP on President Rody Duterte: 'his attacks are Old Stories'

The former bishop explained that there's a difference between the churchmen and the Church. He said although the churchmen are sinful, the Church remains holy.

Cruz said, "It began with 12 apostles when there was one Judas." Then Cruz said, "But there is a big difference between the Church and the churchmen. The Church is always holy because it is founded by Christ. It is 2000 years old and it will go on existing and 'till after we're all gone."

President Rody Duterte recently called the Catholic Church as the 'most hypocritical institution.' He even threatened to reveal the identity of members of the clergy who have forbidden affairs and were engaged in different cases of abuse.

The incoming president also clarified that he was pushing for a three-children policy but stating that he cannot force families to limit the number of their children.

Duterte explained, "I am suggesting that you are in good hands if you limit the number of your children."

"Buti sana kung magbigay ang Katoliko ng honorarium (to families with multiple children). Sabi ko nga, kung hindi makatulong ang Simbahan, wag na kayo makinig d'yan," he said.

Aside from his comment to the Catholic Church and to the 3 child policy issue. Duterte also want to restore the capital punishment in the country.

But the archbishop simply reminded President Rody that the Church has a built-in system to address the abuses committed by members of the clergy.

Cruz explained, "There is instruction for that and a consequence penalty for those abuses. That is already a long standing practice of the Church. It has its own procedural penal law."

And in line with the Church's policies, Cruz argued that since the state does not give life to anybody, it also does not have the right to take away life from anybody.

He said, "The justice system should be really made a little better, much faster, and definitely more fair. But killings is not the right of the state."

Among the said issue, the former bishop reported that he is not concerned with the incoming president's hostility against him. He said the Church will just continue its job and it's already up to the people if they will follow or resist her teachings.

Cruz said, "The church may not give up its own commitment to preach the Gospel. If people listen, well and good. If they don’t listen, the Church cannot force them. I think that is realism."

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