The man behind on the popular 'Walk This Way' expression and hashtag #Dutertards questioned the news about the Cebu Mayor who offered cash money to all his policeman who shoot to death the criminals in Cebu City. Carlos Celdran expressed his disapproval on this kind of activity specially if it was ordered by the officials.

Carlos Celdran expressed dissaproval on Cebu Mayor, Osmeña replied

Last Friday, May 20, Carlos made an open letter to Cebu City Mayor and telling that if the Mayor was sincere to discuss the issue on the article posted by Philippine Daily Inquirer. The 'P50,000 for dead criminals in Cebu City.'

He said, "Is this for real? The WTF levels are through the roof? Is this guy really an Osmeña? I don't get it."

Carlos open letter said, "Dear Mayor Tommy Osmeña. Thanks for the offer to come to Cebu to discuss your recent Philippine Daily Inquirer article about using money as an incentive to shoot criminals in Cebu; an offer that I must decline. The reason? I cannot tell if you are sincere in wanting to discuss this issue or if you are baiting me into a lynch mob. And judging by your constituents' remarks of "bayot", "elitist", "douche", among many other invectives, I suspect it's the latter. If you really want to clarify your point, you can do it yourself on your own Facebook page or in the media. You are the mayor of Cebu, a very powerful position, you have many ways of getting your message out there. You don't need me to be your sounding board to prove - in your words - "Cebuanos are better". Have a good day."

On the his same post, Cebu Mayor Tommy Osmeña replied and said the following message.

Tommy said, "Sir, I am neither baiting you into a blame war nor a lynch mob. I am offering you a chance to speak to me face-to-face and have all your concerns addressed directly. It would be in private with the exception of Ka Bino, who knows us both. If you don't want to meet in Cebu, I can meet you next time I'm in Manila.

I am only doing this because I want an outsider to understand what we're doing here and why we're doing it. It's not nearly as bad as media portrays it to be. The Inquirer article you posted was copied directly from local affiliate Cebu Daily News, and as I mentioned when I first reach out, local media almost always misquotes and sensationalizes me.

You said you "don't get it." I was asking to at least be heard out. That's how dialogues work.

If you want to continue this conversation through private messaging, I am open to that. I certainly can't have you lynched there, and I promise to post no screenshots of whatever is discussed. If you don't want a conversation at all, that is your right as well. But please know that I am sincere in trying to get my message across and in wanting you to understand."

But then, Carlos replied to him and said the following notes.

"At least be heard out? By posting me on your page for all your fans to feast on and threaten me? Why the HELL should I accept an invitation to Cebu and be eaten alive by your goddamn bloodthirsty mob? I am disheartened and disappointed in you, Mayor. Thought you were better than this. Please. If I wasn't disappointed in you by that article, I am disappointed that you chose to bait me for your own benefit. I am not the ONLY one who posted that article yet you chose to make me an example. You know how to call me if you want to discuss this shit. I am not the public figure nor the government official. YOU ARE. Ball is always in your court. Good day."

Cebu Mayor replied again for his last words for Mr. Carlos Celdran. He answered it sentence by sentence.

" "Why the HELL shoudl I accept and be eaten alive by your goddamn bloodthirsty mob?"

I offered you a private conversation, on or offline, in Manila even if you want. Why do you keep bringing that up? My cousin Annie Aboitiz knows your parents; I'm sure she will attest to them that I wouldn't have you harmed.

"I am disappointed that you chose to bait me for your own affirmation. "

I am neither baiting you into a flame war, a lynch mob, nor for affirmation. I already said only want an outsider to understand.

"Thought you were better than this. "

Same with you. I follow your page because we're Mar supporters both. I defended Mar at the height of Rody's popularity without insult or threat. I did it point-by-point and with civility, which is what I was offering you. Read how I reply to comments in this post:

"I am not the public figure nor the government official. YOU ARE. Ball is always in your court."

You're right. I asked for this job, and I got it. Now I have to do it, which includes protecting the 1 million people who live here. You object to the manner in which I do it, an objection not shared by the vast majority of people who live here. I asked you for a chance to explain myself, but obviously I cannot force you.

I wanted to discuss this matter on civil terms. I apologize for my supporters for the harshness of their words; I can control what they say only as much as I can control what you say. I am disappointed that you question my family ancestry, accuse me of trying to have you lynched, call me a coward and a bully, and then deny me the opportunity to answer for myself in a forum of your own choosing.

(Because if I answered you in my own page, it would be bullying right?)

Goodbye Mr. Celdran, I wish we could have spoken on better terms.

Tommy Osmeña"

It was a very long conversation for both of them and nothing follows after the long replied by Cebu Mayor. But the Filipino-tour guide posted another open letter to his Facebook fan page on the same day and saying that he will never retract his words.

"Dear Mayor Osmeña. I am not retracting what I said. The article and the idea of shooting people make you seem like a madman and that cannot be denied. That's why the archbishop called you I'm sure. Please also realize that I am not the only one horrified by the idea as well. That article was shared by many.

Okay, maybe I'm not Cebuano and I don't "get it". But the rest of the PH and the world are misunderstanding this issue too. So for your own good, I suggest you address the concerns of the public and myself about these statements. You have an active Facebook account. Do it there. Why single me out to create a mob and flame war against me online? What good is it to bully me into confronting you?

You are the mayor. I am an observer. Why is it now my responsibility to go to Cebu to hear your explanation? You are a public servant. You should address the public. Not the other way around.

I hope you get this, Mayor. And I hope you get my point. Stop being a bully."

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