In the midst of the Philippine Presidential Election started last year, a certain bakeshop owner around Quezon city made a strong remark against Former Davao City Mayor and now presumptive president Rodrigo Roa Duterte when he accept to run in the highest position in the Philippine republic.

Bakeshop owner to give free cakes worth '5Milyon' after Duterte's win

He said November last 2015, "Pag manalo si Duterte manok niyo guys, gagawa ako ng maraming cakes pinakamasarap sa cakes sa Pilipinas worth 5Milyon para ipakain for free siguraduhin niyo lang na mananalo siya. Mark my word." (If your Presidential bet Duterte wins, I'll make lots of cakes, the most delicious cakes in the Philippines worth 5 Million to give for free just make sure you'll make him win. Mark my Word.)

And just before Duterte will be proclaim officially, the owner of the bakeshop, 'Quims Cafe' Jack Labang, had been viral again. For people all through out social media is asking now when and where do they'll redeem the free cake he promise once Digong wins the Presidency.

To answer the peoples call on his word of honor, Labang said in his Facebook post last May 9, 2016,

"The people have spoken. Congrats to our new leader! As promised we will be happy to share our cakes for as long as he will also deliver his promise to solve criminality in 3-6 months."

After posting the above statement, Labang has yet again gain bashing from the Netizens because his not being true in what he committed first. he said that he'll be giving away the cakes once Duterte wins, but on the above statement, he said he'll be starting to give cakes  if Duterte promise to resolve crimes in 3-6 months.

So just to satisfy the peoples request, 'Promise is promise,' though people are thinking that this is only his marketing strategy, Labang made some schedule when and how many people can claim the free cake.

We just don't know if he'll be giving a whole cake for each of the people who'll claim or just a sampling which means a small cake for a 'free taste?'

He said in his Facebook post last May 10, 2016, "Quim's Cake would like to thank everyone for making us trend on social media. Just to correct a thread made by someone on our behalf,

we won't have an event such as "Libreng Cake sa Quim's Cake", on June 30.

But yes, we are sampling 5 million worth of cakes to celebrate the election of our new leaders and extend our gratitude to everyone for the clamor to try our cakes for free (as promised) in scheduled batches. You have to like our FB page and reserve a slot by sending us your name, age, address and contact number at"

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Are you guys going and make him more famous or you'll just shrugged it off?

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