The lawyer of the tough-talking presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte warns the official of the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) to file a case against them if they refuse to give the requested certification. Atty. Sal Panelo asked for the original copy of certification to prove the accusations is wrong.

Atty. Sal Panelo: 'We will file a suit against them'

The area in the BPI Julia Vargas branch was so crowded because of the hundreds of Duterte's supporters who gathered to witness the face off between Senator Trillanes and Duterte's lawyer.

Sen. Trillanes was came at 11 A.M. while Duterte's lawyer came early at 10 A.M. to the said venue. The senator leave at 11:30 A.M. and he refused to accept interviews or reveal details about the meeting. But he assure that he will hold a press conference at the Magdalo national headquarters in Quezon City later today.

According to Atty. Panelo, BPI told him that the documents in the possession of Trillanes are spurious. And if they prove that the Php 211M allegations is wrong, all other things Trillanes will tell will be fake.

However, BPI said that they will have to study first the request of Atty. Panelo if they can issue a certification on Duterte's account. They will respond in 7 days.

The bank already guarantee to Dutert's lawyer that Duterte accounts do not have P211M at anytime. They only need a bank certification to show the public how credible the information they possessed.

Panelo shared that when he asked the Davao City Mayor Duterte if he had an account in BPI Julia Vargas, he said YES. When I asked if he had P211M, he cursed and said NO.

Atty. Salvador Panelo said, "Trillanes has a history of destroying people's reputation. His evidence are mostly hearsay."

Atty. Salvador Panelo Statements:

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