Another featured 'Open Letter' from a lawyer leaving in the City of Baguio. She is one of the million supporters of the PDP-Laban presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte and running for Senator Neri Colmenares. Atty. Cheryl Daytec-Yañgot shared his thoughts why she still choose to vote Mayor Duterte.

An Open Letter to Voters: 'Still DUTERTE,Forever NERI' by Atty. Cheryl Daytec-Yañgot

According to her post, she is proud to be called 'Dutertard,' Why? because she believed that Duterte can lead us towards the so-called 'Change.'

Atty said, "I am thirsty for that change we could have had after EDSA if only it was not a mere change of shift of the guards with the same oligarchic collar. Can Duterte lead us toward that change? I am convinced he will. Probably, he will not. But I am sure the other candidates do not stand for that change I hanker for."

Open Letter by Atty. Cheryl Daytec-Yañgot


 To those who are asking if I am still with Duterte, my answer is yes. On Sunday, I posted that I was going out of the house to campaign for him, my favorite senator Neri Colmenares, and my no. 1 Baguio City Councilor Leandro B. Yañgot and his local A-1 team. I have been campaigning for Duterte in all gatherings and caucuses I would be called to or would call for, except in those organized exclusively for the local A-1 team. This is almost everyday, morning, afternoon, until night. This has been for more than a month.

That post disappeared after two hours and 56 likes. I do not know if I accidentally hit the delete button.

My Senator Neri Colmenares is not hard to sell. Once people know about him, he becomes their candidate. Duterte is another story--those who love him already love him to death and even deny his sins. Those who hate him really hate him. Thankfully, they are few compared to those who feel differently. It is not very difficult to convert skeptics.

You might be wondering about what I tell crowds regarding Duterte. I tell them he has a very dirty mouth but this is offset by a soft heart. I tell them his rape joke was so spiteful and is forgivable only by God, but his program for women in Davao City is unmatched. I tell them he dissects issues with the eyes of the poor. I tell them he caused the sending of relief goods to Yolanda victims with the heart-wrenching message, "The people of Davao City are thinking of you" and nothing else while another presidentiable sent goods with only his name as the message. I tell them he provided and continues to provide comfort and provisions to the Lumads who fled the mountains because of grievous human rights violations. I tell them he believes in the socialization of goods and services. I tell them he abhors corporate plunder of resources which other candidates support.

Some tell me he has no plan. I disagree. He has a plan that worked in Davao City, his Exhibit A. It won't work for the whole Philippines, skeptics say. We have not tried it, I say. The Philippines is not an experiment, they say. Maybe, it is high time it should be. Trial is better than the years of error we have been subjected to. The same old solutions to problems have been applied for decades. They flopped. And what do you expect if the same social class that caused the problems is the one solving them with the class consciousness that boasts that traffic jams are a sign of progress? There are voices--and they are so few- that Duterte's Davao City is a myth. I won't accept that because I heard the personal testimonies of people who live there. Some are friends.

Some people say we will be the laughing stock in the UN because of his uncouth language. Let the UN laugh as long as our people's condition will improve.

"Duterte has bank accounts, he stole this and that." I am beyond easily believing these until I see indubitable proof. Not everything posted online is true. One attention-seeking lawyer who cyberbullies me, other lawyers, and politicians calls me a landgrabber every election time "as records of justice hall will show" even if there is not a single land issue involving me in any court or tribunal. Sure, I represented over the years and still do represent informal settlers against dubious land claimants but this does not make me a landgrabber. Lately, it has been circulating online that my husband Leandro B. Yañgot, using his car, ran over a child who died and he absconded. While indeed a child died, Lean was not driving. A campaign volunteer was, but it was an accident. We assisted the family of the victim all the way, although they feel bad it was the DSWD through a program of Cong Nic Aliping that shouldered the burial expenses. We intended to pay the expenses until we were told of the program.We left a guaranty check with the funeral parlor intending to give the amount it represents to the family as assistance out of moral considerations. The case against the driver was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Instead of advising the family to refile, this perennially losing candidate's camp exploited the death and made it into a political platform. Opps, that was long, but anyway, I do not believe every serious attack against candidates- even those I do not support- hurled during election time. Cyberspace is a place for liars and extortionists, too, especially during the elections. So I do not buy those bank account stories especially because they come from a person who has been proven a liar not just once.

I am thirsty for that change we could have had after EDSA if only it was not a mere change of shift of the guards with the same oligarchic collar. Can Duterte lead us toward that change? I am convinced he will. Probably, he will not. But I am sure the other candidates do not stand for that change I hanker for.

Here is one more reason I go for Duterte: My friend Bayan Muna Cong. Karlos Ysagani swears Duterte is a man with a good heart for the oppressed and disadvantaged. My faith in Kaloy is unshakable.

Some would call me part of that uneducated, unenlightened manic mass who are stupid to pin their hopes on an obnoxious man. I read this many times from posts of friends.

Some would call me crazy to pin my hopes on an even crazier Duterte. But I would consider myself craziest if I pinned my hopes on people who do not champion the same things I want for the masses.

I am a Dutertard.

Atty. Cheryl Daytec-Yañgot

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