The founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ who also claimed that he was the "Appointed Son of God" was saddened and hurt after he was ignored by his friend and now the presumptive president of the Philippines. Apollo Quiboloy was hurt because it seemed that he has been excluded from Duterte’s core group.

Apollo Quiboloy was hurt, Duterte's spokesperson apologized

According to Quiboloy’s spokesperson Mike Abe, Quiboloy was saddened due to be not part of the transition and selection team that Duterte formed in preparation for his presidency.

Abe said, "Wala siyang alam. Hindi siya kinokonsulta. Ikinakalungkot ni Pastor ang mga nangyayari," then added, "Nagtatampo lang pero willing makipag-usap."

On Friday, May 20, Peter Laviña told to press people that the issue was not intentional and they want to send apology to them.

He said, "Hopefully, we can extend our apology to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the same apology we extended to [Rev. Absalom] Cerveza of the MNLF [Moro National Liberation Front]. These are not intentional. We wanted to accommodate everyone, and of course we want to consult everyone. This is a continuing process. We are barely one week only"

The issue with MNLF was due to the failed request accommodation to presumptive president started on Monday where all well-wishers started to meet President Rody.

Laviña explained, "Things happened nga sabi namin na the City Mayor’s Office staff apparently were overwhelmed by the number of well-wishers. We did not expect that so many, and they were not prepared. Meron talagang hindi na-entertain and we received this feedback and we are happy na we are receiving this feedback so they can adjust."

On the other hand, Laviña still believed that the long friendship can fix all kind of problems like what Quiboloy and Duterte have.

He said, "They are good friends. They have been friends for a long time. I’m sure they can find a way to meet as soon as possible—not only as friends. The Mayor may want to consult Pastor Quiboloy on some of the nominees he has already named and some who are not yet named."

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