Counting of votes is still on-going as of this moment for Philippines Election 2016, and Filipinos all over the world is very much engaged in the issues of allegedly election fraud and quackery. COMELEC chair confirmed that there's someone from Smartmatic tweak the script.

COMELEC chair confirmed Smartmatic tampered script of transparency server

It has been talked of the town when Vice President aspirant Ferdinand 'BongBong' Romualdez Marcos, Jr. directly condemn COMELEC for manipulating the results in Vice Presidential 'Partial and Unofficial Result' posted by PPRCV.

According to Marcos, that a certain script was put in the transparency server just to put some of his votes to his opponent, former Camarines Sur Rep. and now presumptive vice president Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo.

To stop any doubt, Commission on Elections (Comelec) chair Andres Bautista said in interview,
"It is true that someone from Smartmatic corrected a script—from ‘?’ to ‘ñ’—but this does not affect the integrity of the numbers."

"Wala pong glitch (There’s no glitch)," he added.

But confirming the allegations, COMELEC just lost the trust of most of the Filipinos.

As of writing this post, Robredo is still leading with 13,989,336 votes while 13,774,371 votes garnered for Marcos for the (95.85%) of clustered precincts transferred to PPCRV server.

For tampering or tweaking a program in the middle of the counting process, it might just gave the people a other look on what this administration can really do to win the election.

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