Three of the five presumably IT experts from Quezon province went to the Senate on Monday to meet with some senators and to expose the alleged poll fraud activities happened on 2016 race. The three witnesses claim that the Liberal Party cheated on election day.

3 presumably IT experts claimed that LP cheated on 2016 poll

The Council on Philippine Affairs secretary-general Boy Saycon accompanied the 3 witnesses in a press conference to reveal some information of allegedly rigged votes in the May 9 polls.

One of the three presumably IT experts said that they are regular government employees and they asked to reconfigure the SD cards containing votes from Quezon province.

He (one of the witnesses) claimed that administration pick Mar Roxas gained 400,000 votes while his running mate, incoming Vice President Leni Robredo, got 300,000 votes through the operation.

They rigged the votes using a Smartmatic machine in Quezon, according to the witness. But during the press-con, the three presumably IT experts did not bring their evidence of electoral fraud.

And due to this controversial issue, Boy Saycon suggesting the Congress to postpone the proclamation of Robredo and incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

Saycon said, "Ayaw nating hintayin ang katotohanan, bakit tayo nagmamadali?"

Saycon clarified that he and the witnesses coordinated with the offices of Senators Teofisto “TG” Guingona III, Serge OsmeƱa and Nancy Binay, but not with Bongbong Marcos.

The 'three' approached Saycon because they believed that they can trusted him. But Saycon said that he did not know these three whistleblowers beforehand. They also asserted they were not paid by anyone to expose the alleged fraud.

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Who do you think the alleged master mind of this poll fraud activities happened on May 9, 2016? Please point your thoughts below

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