The rock diva of the Philippines who also known as 'split queen' admitted her mistake and realize that she was wrong about the personality of the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Mystica shared her latest video message on her FB wall and asking for forgiveness from all what she said before.

Mystica realize her mistake and apologize to Mayor Duterte

Mystica created a video that telling the real truth about Mayor Duterte. She admitted the fact that the media cover up the real truth about Mayor to mislead the public and now she was enlighten from the video she have watched about Mayor Duterte.

Many are Duterte's supporters admired Mystica from what she did. She was an Anti-Duterte before and now converted into Pro-Duterte according to them.

But for some reason, others think that Mystica is just using the popularity of Mayor Duterte because she was out of the lime light today.

"Hindi nagkamali ang mga kababayan nating nagsabi ng KSP si Mystica, kulang sa pansin, gusto lang niyang mapag-usapan dahil wala na siya ngayon sa gitna ng aksiyon," as what the tabloid 'Bandera' posted.

Do you remember the viral video of Mystica where he called Duterte as 'coward'? then now, Mystica realize her mistake and apologize to all Duterte's supporter and to the Davao City Mayor Duterte.

Its not too late to apologize and change your mind as Mystica tell on her latest video. Now is the time to make a change and the only person who can make it is no other than Mayor Duterte, Mystica added.

Mystica's apology video was posted in Youtube on April 20, 2016, and as of writing this post, it is already have 143,313 views and counting with 545 likes.

Watch the video below

Now! Mystica is using a profile pic with a word saying "I'm a Filipino my President is DUTERTE."

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What do you think on the action made by Mystica? Share your thoughts below.

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