The popular sexy girl group leader took their official FB blog site to expressed her thoughts against the pinoy rapper and songwriter Gloc 9. The issue was started when Gloc 9 performed on the meeting de avance stage of Abigail Binay.

Sexy girl group leader reacted on Gloc 9 performance in Abby Binay's rally

Mocha Uson posted on the wall of their fan page and said, "Gloc-9, please don't get me wrong."

"Kaibigan po kita at ang iyong manager. Mahal at ini-idolo po namin kayo ng aking grupo. (I'm friends with you and your manager. We love you and the group looks up to you.)"

"Pero sa pagkakataon na ito ang aking puso ay kumirot at nalungkot sa balitang ito. Para mo na ring ibinenta ang ating bayan sa mga politikong alam naman nating hindi karapat dapat mahalal dahil sa matinding corruption. (But this time, my heart is hurting and sad over this news. It's like you sold our country to politicians that we know do not have the right to be in public service because of corruption.)"

"Sana lang ay isinaalang alang mo ang kapakanan ng mga taong naghahangad ng tunay na pagbabago. Nakilala ka bilang isang rapper na isinusulong ang nasyonalismo. Ano ang nangyari sayo? Paano mo nasikmura ito? (I just wished you thought about those who want real change. You are known as a rapper that promotes nationalism. What happened? How could you stomach this?)."

The Rappler got first the email coming from Gloc 9 management and told that it was just like any regular gig for a local candidate. The artist said that his performance at Makati Representative Abigail Binay's sortie does not mean he's endorsing the Binays.

Here is the full statement from his management:

Like many artists, Gloc-9 has been performing in various sorties since February of this year. During campaign season, it is normal for artists and celebrities to get gigs that are connected to or have something to do with the coming elections. In the past month alone, Gloc-9 has performed in sorties for local candidates regardless of party affiliations in Laguna, Bocaue, and Cavite. That it is this Makati gig that has gotten mileage is no surprise, and that has more to do with the media than with Gloc-9.

To Gloc-9 management this was just a regular sortie gig for a local candidate, no different from the sorties before it, and the sorties that will come after it.
Mocha Girls and Mocha Uson are solid Duterte supporters and they do campaigning their presidential bet for free.

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What do you think on Mocha's reaction to Gloc 9? Please share your thoughts below.

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