The multi-awarded songwriter and popular pinoy rapper of the country is now on the hot seat after his performance on the meeting de avance stage of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard-bearer Jejomar Binay. Gloc 9 is gaining negative comment from his other fans.

Gloc 9 is not endorsing Jejomar Binay as his presidential bet

According to Binay's spokesperson lawyer Rico Quicho, they bought one of the latest song of the rapper, titled, "Pareho Tayo" as a gift to their boss, last February.

Gloc 9 clarified himself that he is not endorsing Vice President Jejomar Binay as his presidential candidate, according to his publicist.

According to Manila Times, "The artist—who previously said he has refused to be commissioned to write jingles for candidates in the upcoming national elections in May—decided to set the record straight after his independently released single in January."

But some of his fans still not understand the side of the artist and immediately took the social media site to share their thoughts and opinions on Gloc 9 walls.

As of writing this post, Gloc 9 latest post on his official Facebook account was the photo with text message saying, "Hanggat walang kamay na itinataas dapat walang bibig na bumubukas." The said post has already have 6.8K emoticon likes and 350 shares.

Some of Gloc 9 fans took the latest post of the "Parokya ni Edgar" band leader, Chito Miranda as the reference of their supplication and complaint about the stand of their idol.

Chito said on his FB post, "Si Gloc, para kay Binay. Si Ramon naman, para kay Mar. Ako, solid DUTERTE."

UPDATED: March 30, 2016
Gloc 9 camp sent message to Rappler regarding the issue on his performance on Binay's camp.

"Like many artists, Gloc-9 has been performing in various sorties since February of this year. During campaign season, it is normal for artists and celebrities to get gigs that are connected to or have something to do with the coming elections. In the past month alone, Gloc-9 has performed in sorties for local candidates regardless of party affiliations in Laguna, Bocaue, and Cavite. That it is this Makati gig that has gotten mileage is no surprise, and that has more to do with the media than with Gloc-9."

"To Gloc-9 management this was just a regular sortie gig for a local candidate, no different from the sorties before it, and the sorties that will come after it." 

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