A Netizen named 'Willy' posted on his facebook wall about Senator Grace Poe. He asked his FB friends why people should vote for Grace Poe? He even asking for a good reason aside from being a adopted daughter of 'Da King' FPJ. 

Gab Valenciano commented on netizen post about Grace Poe

Willy said on his post, "To my FB friends who support Grace Poe, please explain to me why people should vote for her,

"Her own husband is a natural born American and he cannot even vote for his own wife this coming May. Her children according to her will remain American citizens. As senator, the number of bills she filed which became law is none. Big fat zero. Her other public service experience was at MTRCB which consisted of watching movies and classifying them as PG or GP or R.

"So tell me why people should vote for Grace? Give me a very good reason aside from her being the adopted daughter of FPJ. Thanks."

In a separate post created by the son of the pure energy, Gab explained his comments on the said FB post. He said, "Dear Willy Ramasola, I do not know who you are so I cannot comment based on your character and personality, instead, I will comment based on your post."

Gab boldly said, "Your argument is invalid. Let me explain why. "

He explained, "Majority of our past leaders were all legally and politically eligible to run for president. Not all, most. Many with the "track record" to prove it. And in the end, screwed us all over with their hidden agendas and shameful corruption (captain obvious I know). This goes for majority of the political body as well. Obviously, at this point, this country needs more than just "experience" to get back on its feet. It needs a good, strong and pure heart. Presidents, alone, do not make a country. That's the problem with society. We rely so much on the head when we, the body, hardly do our part. "

According to Gab, Grace Poe is one of his friends, and he defend his friends.

"Sen. Grace is my friend above anything. And I defend my friends. So what if her husband is an American citizen. So what if her kids are keeping their American citizenship. Get with the times. There is something called dual-citizenship. People who are well travelled and have spent time away from their hometown could have gained more insight, could have gained an understanding of what it means to advance any kind of system beyond the "Filipino way." Our political system is rotten to its core, and the whole world knows this. A true Filipino is Filipino by blood, not by paper. People move countries to expand their way of life, not relinquish their homeland. She purely and sincerely wants what's best for our country and will do anything and everything to serve with the best of her ability, no strings or bs attached. That's what I admire most about her. We Filipino's are so freaking fickle. We lambast and rebuke her yet have the balls to support someone who goes against a Filipino's moral code. It's an outrageous double standard that is so hypocritical, it's sickening. Let's disqualify the "inexperienced" candidate who doesn't meet the requirements of residency and continue glorifying the corrupt, unscrupulous and indecent. Also, let's allow an impeached president, who caused a freaking revolution, to run and govern our beloved capital. Really. Cmon now. This is the Philippines today. "

But Gab mentioned that his post is not a personal post for Willy.

"Willy, this is not a personal post. I am Just tired of this political bullcrap. This is my personal opinion on the matter and nobody needs to agree with me. Again, I know Sen. Grace personally and I believe in her. Months ago, I didn't have a candidate as I didn't want to get involved. Politics is a very tricky sector for me. But I've just about had enough of this. She deserves to be a front runner. She doesn't deserve the hate she's been getting from so many Filipino's.

"And lastly, this is NOT a paid rant. People can and will never be able to purchase my vote. I believe in what I choose to believe in. There is no price you can tag on that. I am just sick and tired of seeing stones thrown at her and quite frankly, it's just downright shameful. I stand up for what is right. So this is just me, standing up not just for a candidate, but for a friend.

"My issue here isn't about who you want to vote for. Vote for who YOU personally believe in. That's fine. But do not use these technicalities to question someone's ability or inability to lead. Respectfully, Gab"

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By the way, Willy shared that he was being bashed because of his viral post on Grace Poe.

What do you think on Gab's comments on Willy's post? Share your comments below.

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