The controversial issues was started after the Saranggani Congressman Manny Pacquiao answered the question to him about the 'same-sex-marriage'. Many people on the LGBT community reacted on his remarks, including Boy Abunda, Vice Ganda and Aiza Seguerra.

Pastor: 'I Decided to Vote for Manny', after Manny's statement against LGBT

Manny Pacquiao said, "Common sense lang. Makakita ka ba ng any animals na lalaki sa lalaki o babae sa babae?" Then he added, "Mabuti pa ang hayop, marunong kumilala kung lalaki lalaki, babae babae. O di ba?"

"Ngayon, kung lalaki sa lalaki o babae sa babae, mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao."

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And because of his comment, many netizens didn't like what he answered on his interview. But there's also people who've like and agree with Manny's statement against LGBT.

One of them is Ptr. Vince, maker and author of the thedisciplers website. He posted his opinion in a form of an article. He explained why he was now decided to vote senatorial aspirant Pacquiao on upcoming elections 2016.

Ptr. Vince entitled his post, 'I Decided to Vote for Manny'.

It has been a while before I finally decided to vote for Pacquiao. At first, I was really thinking if we needed him when he can’t even attend the seat in the congress. He is not a legislator nor a public servant on the basis of his profession. He is far from what a political leader should be.

However, after his remarks against LGBT that drew bashing and a campaign against him specifically led by LGBT personalities like Vice Ganda and other celebs who are pro LGBT, I have seen the clear red line between standing in the world and standing within the “sound” Christian doctrine and dignity that upholds morality in its highest sense, I decided finally to vote for Manny Pacquiao.

First, I have seen someone who is not a politician, and is far from a foolitician. He is not there to please the ears of his potential voters but to tell them and guide them to what is right. It’s not money or vote, it’s about pleasing God. We rarely see these among the candidates, and Manny is one of those rare candidates.

Manny’s remark is his opinion about the homosexual lifestyle. Everybody has to respect that. Even Vice Ganda. It’s not bigotry as most LGBT claims.

LGBT call those who do not believe in them as bigot. This is how “LGBT” addresses the people which is definitely “discrimination”, disrespectful in the opinion of others, and how they try to “unbalance” the law of the land by making proposals that will “ONLY” benefit them.

We need a Manny who stands by the truth and uprightness no matter how LGBT call him, bash him, and persecute him. We as Christians however need to learn how to stand by him.

    Proverbs 16:12

    It is an abomination for kings to commit wicked acts, For a throne is established on righteousness.

    Proverbs 29:2

    When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan.

Secondly, who among the senatoriables fear God more than Manny? I always believe that if you want to have a better nation, we need to have godly leaders, leaders who fear God above all. Leaders who follow God’s will. How many more fooliticians should we vote?

We do not need another foolitician in place. We need to have politicians who are not a lover of money, not morally degraded, and a man who fears God.

    Proverbs 11:14

    Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.

It’s time to stand as Christians, Christians who stands by the truth and for the truth. Many will persecute those stand by the truth. But if God is with us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

DICLAIMER: I am not discriminating LGBT, but I don’t believe in what they are fighting for. Practicing homosexual lifestyle is a lifestyle that is against to what the Bible says.

Sino ba ang dapat mong paniwalaan? Si Vice Ganda na kelangan mang-insulto para makapag patawa? O si Manny na nakakainsulto dahil sa pagsasabi ng kanyang paninindagan at pananampalataya?

Pastor Vince was also have a separate message for Vice Ganda.

TO VICE GANDA, hope you will read this.

Stop teaching our children how to insult people just to make others laugh. Stop educating our children and teaching them homosexuality is ok. We are Filipino, and homosexual lifestyle is very “unFilipino”. We do not want our children to be homosexuals, we want to them to be God fearing and morally upright.

Nobody is discriminating you on whatever you choose in life. Nobody is stopping you to do whatever you like as long as it is within the bounds of our laws, but HANDS OFF to what what we believe, HANDS OFF to our faith. HANDS OFF in teaching our children.

We do not believe in Homosexual lifestyle. We love all people, including you and LGBT as a community. But DON’T MAKE us SWALLOW your lifestyle, we can’t take it. We uphold Christian values and we will always teach that it is NOT what God wants for a Man and for a Woman.

What do you think on Ptr. Vince's article? Share your thoughts below.

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