The popular sexy girl group performers in the Philippines shares their reactions on the current situation of our country. Mocha Girls are very concern to our society and they want you to know why you need to vote the PDP-Laban tandem, Rodrigo Duterte and Alan Peter Cayetano.

Sexy girl group reaction letter for every Filipino people

Mocha said that our country is in 'SERIOUS CRISIS' right now. Many Filipinos are not afraid in the LAW of the Philippines. Quoting the words from PDP-Laban presidential bet Duterte, "LAWS in this country are 'optional'. Pabata ng pabata ang mga kriminal. Bakit? Hindi naman sila puwedeng ikulong."

The girl group shared the video with 3 part scenes. The first was the scene of the group of young boys having a riot on the road without knowing the accident might be happened to them.

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Then on the second part, the recently EDSA incident involving the Bus hitting the plastic barrier and do nothing after the said incident. Mocha said, "Dahil walang takot ang mga bus drivers sa batas trapiko. Buti na lamang walang na-disgrasya sa pangyayaring ito."

And on the last part of the video, it was a hold-up on a mini grocery and happened last month of January this year. She said, "ultimong maliit na tindahan ay hini-holdup na rin? Dati bangko lang pero ngayon kahit tindahan ay pinupuntirya na rin ng mga kriminal. Kung hindi pa kayo nababahala dito ay malamang kayo ay hindi pa nabibiktima."

In all of the above scene in the video, Mocha Girls quoted the words from the PDP-Laban tandem saying, "Tulad nga ng sinabi ni DUTERTE at CAYETANO they will resign if we don't feel safer in 6 months."

"Why don't we give them a chance to bring TRUE CHANGE in our country?", as Mocha Girls encourage all Filipino people.

They also condemn other people and told, "Why do some people even consider ROXAS (DILG sec) and BINAY (VP) who are already in power and yet didn't do anything to improve the safety of our families and loved ones?"


"Ayaw ba natin itong maranasan sa buong Pilipinas? Let's give DUTERTE a chance. He has vowed that he and Cayetano will resign if he can't rub out criminals and corruption in 6 months. DU-CAY na tayo!"

You may watch the video below

PHILIPPINES IS IN CRISISPosted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Monday, February 1, 2016

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