The very popular sexy girl group of the Philippines are campaigning against 'vote buying' that might happen this upcoming 2016 presidential elections. The Mocha Girls shares the video of the ex-Comelec employee who revealed himself and the 'cheating' they've done in the 2010 polls.

Mocha Girls shares video of ex-Comelec employee about vote buying

According to the ex-Comelec employee, they offered their services to some candidates on that time, but only Jejomar Binay who agreed to the deal and price of their 'Cheating' service.

This news was very alarming specially this coming 2016 polls. That's why, Mocha Girls wants to stop this kind of doing specially on elections day.

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Mocha said, "Watch the video and you would know that MONEY dictates the result of the election. I really hope that COMELEC will do their job to ensure a CLEAN and HONEST election this coming May."

"Naniniwala po ako na hindi na papayag ang sambayanang Pilipino na magpaloko pang muli. Kapag nagkaroon ng dayaan ay siguradong magkakagulo ang Pilipinas. Kaya sana naman makunsensya yung mga taong may balak mandaya sa darating na eleksyon," she added.

Watch the video here.

Mocha Girls are solid Duterte's supporters and believers. Before she mentioned the phrases above, she said this message, "If the presidential elections were held today, Duterte will surely win."

"Based on surveys conducted by Google, Rappler and DZRH, Duterte will be our next president. I am deeply troubled by the reports/rumors of cheating in the upcoming elections," Mocha added.

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