The Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas is the subject on this new reaction letter created by a concern netizen. The original article was posted on x.Rappler site. We would like to share it here so everybody can see and read.

Netizen to Mar Roxas: ' and accept anything'

This is the second time we post a letter for the presidential candidate Mar Roxas. The first was titled, "Netizen to Mar Roxas: 'His mouth is quicker than his thoughts'", you may read it here.

According to the letter, Mar Roxas need 'have to be a and accept anything.... JUST WIN the battle.' Do you agree? you may start reading the letter below.

Open Letter


In this presidential RACE, does Mar Roxas look so power hungry that he would jump into something with eyes closed not knowing what is in store for him?  Is he intent on attaining a position or station in life, that he ignores all the warnings regarding what you are.  Irregardless of the methods, path (daan matuwid?), or even your destination, others will try warn you, but you will not see the light.  Is he a blind follower, or is he trying to hide something himself?  Why the undying loyalty to your commander-in-chief, who has openly disregarded you in a very sensitive operation (MAMASAPANO), who is obviously a glutton himself.  Why did he not trust you enough to include you in the planning and execution of the said operation.   Now that it failed, you are their ...... escape goat? But I do admire you, hats off to you...for blind loyalty, or is there a hidden compensation for this?

You did give up your political ambition to give way to PNoy?  Who then was the more popular one...thank's to the passing away of his mom. (With due respect to President Cory).  Otherwise I don't think he has the making of a president. But had you stood your ground you had better chances then Mr. Palengke!  Your rating was high.... but you could not assert yourself why?  So you gave in and just be his gentleman in waiting....BUT the six years of waiting would seem to be IN VAIN.  Your commander-in-chief leaves you with nothing but records of anomalies, corruptions, poverty issue, weak military, the worst social services, transportation and traffic many MR. ROXAS..... so your running now is your last hurrah, it is now or you will try to win it at all have to be a and accept anything.... JUST WIN the battle.  You can't throw in the towel. There will not be another chance.  SAD is you can never win in boxing arena of presidentiables.... because the man who endorsed you and who is suppose to support you,  has done nothing to boost your fact he seem to inflict more damage thereby causing a lot of lost votes.

The amazing race for Philippines 2016 polls is getting nearer. Every candidates has own strategy and plans just to win the race. But in every race, there's only one winner.

Who will be your champion? share your thoughts below.

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